[Am]Mn(HPOO): a new family of hybrid perovskites based on the hypophosphite ligand

08 Jun 2018

A family of five hybrid ABX3 perovskites has been synthesized using hypophosphite (H2POO)- as the X-site ion. These compounds adopt the general formula [Am]Mn(H2POO)3, where Am = guanidinium (HUA), formamidinium (FA), imidazolium (IM), triazolium (TRZ), and dabconium (DAB). We explore the diverse structural and phase transition behavior of these materials through single-crystal diffraction measurements and demonstrate contrasting magnetism in two of the phases, Am = GUA and FA, that arises from structural distortions. The results show that hypophosphite perovskites offer a promising platform for generating new functional materials.