Aligned: An academic library?s strategic plan in response to institutional goals

01 Dec 2014

University libraries in Africa are facing challenging times due to new ways of generating, storing, disseminating and consuming information. However, far from diverting the libraries? focus on delivering effective services to the academic communities they serve, these challenges are rather stimulating them to develop and adopt new strategies in order to improve library services, and to ensure they can meet these for changing needs. Once hailed as the ?heart of the university?, the library today is competing with other academic and support service providers in the university for resources and recognition. As part of their contribution to enabling academic excellence in African universities, libraries are continuing to justify their roles as true academic partners in the teaching and research process. Addressing the questions of relevance, value and impact of the library within an African university is a task that the university librarian must continue to articulate and assert within the university community. This means making a strong case for adequate resources to run the library, gaining acceptance as a key academic partner and clearly demonstrating the value of the library.