Advancing the case for the support and promotion of African immigrant-owned businesses in South Africa

16 May 2015

Drawing on the literature on the support of small businesses and case studies, this article advances the case for the support of African immigrant owned businesses in South Africa which is currently neglected. In the past justification for the institution of support policies in favour of small businesses was predominantly based on the fact that they disproportionately encountered more obstacles than their larger counterparts. Shying away from the traditional ?business focus? justification for the support of small business, this study advances an ?owner focus? justification - one that is based on the unique needs of the owner, rather than that of the business itself. Following similar logic, given that most immigrants start small businesses as a means of survival in their host countries, this study advances an even more compelling reason why immigrant owned businesses should be supported. Acknowledging the role that a supported small business sector in general and immigrant owned business in particular can play in the economy and taking steps to strengthen this sector would be in the right direction for the South Africa government.