A voice-based e-examination framework for visually impaired students in open and distance learning

28 May 2019

Voice-based systems allow users access to information on the internet over a voice interface. Prior studies on Open and Distance Learning (ODL) e-examination systems that make use of voice interface do not sufficiently exhibit intelligent form of assessment, which diminishes the rigor of examination. The objective of this paper is to improve on the achievements of previous studies by providing a framework that will guide the development of a voice-based e-examination expert system for the visually impaired students in ODL. The study employs a combination of technologies such as system design, server side scripting, voice-based system development, data management and rule-based reasoning in developing the system. The system was evaluated to determine the level of usability. The results of the usability evaluation showed that the developed application has an ?average usability? rating of 3.48 out of 5 scales. The findings show that the voice-based e-examination system will not only be of immense benefit to the visually impaired students in ODL in respective of distance, but will also complement the existing web-based method for online examination.