‘A Renouveau Of English Prosody’: Re-reading Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon

28 Feb 2018

The hypothesis that a reassessment of Swinburne’s “Greekness” must begin with a consideration of his versification may seem questionable to many. As critics such as Prins, McGann, Louis, Maxwell and, more recently Ribeyrol, Evangelista and Polten, have shown, Swinburne’s Hellenism provokes questions to do with gender, class, theology and cosmopolitanism—why should we care about versification? Whether one chooses to approach the issue of Swinburne’s Hellenism through the lens of phenomenological, hermeneutical, structuralist or post-structuralist theories, or more recent cognitive or formalist approaches, one must still read it: prosody is as inevitable as reading.