A model to operate an on-campus retail store for Workplace Experiential Learning

07 Feb 2018

Many retailers argue that university students do not have the practical experience and skills required in the workplace when graduating. This paper reports on research undertaken to address this issue and to identify a model to guide development and implementation of a retail store, on a university campus, to be used for work-integrated learning. A literature review was undertaken before a qualitative survey was conducted with 22 respondents, including retail lecturers, retail chain staff and other learning and retail experts. Data collection was via questionnaires, administered during semi-structured interviews. Lecturers provided details on activities and assessments used for practical assignments. Peer feedback via focus groups critiqued the findings once analysis was complete, increasing the trustworthiness of findings. A model was proposed that best suited the needs of retailers, learners and the university. Suggestions for further research are provided.