A millimeter-wave second-order all-pass delay network in BiCMOS

01 Oct 2018

Analog signal processing (ASP) is a promising alternative to DSP techniques in millimeter-wave (mm-wave) technologies such as 5G, with the second-order all-pass networks a key building block in ASPs. We present an active on-chip mm-wave second-order all-pass network in a 130-nm, 280-GHz fmax SiGe BiCMOS process with an effective bandwidth of 40 GHz, peak delay of 62 ps at 36 GHz, delay QD value of 3.6, and a magnitude ripple of 1.4 dB. A layout-focused design methodology incorporating layout parasitics and process tolerances is followed. This is the first reported mm-wave bandwidth second-order all-pass network and the first monolithic microwave integrated all-pass network with a QD value greater than 1.