A Generic Method to Model CO<inf>2</inf>Emission Performances of Combined-Cycle Power Plants for Environmental Unit Commitment

13 Jul 2018

This paper proposes a generic methodology for combined-cycle gas turbine modeling. The main objectives are the estimation of the CO2emissions for specific units and their integration in an environmental power dispatch that considers several plants. First, a design procedure aims at calibrating the model using the information available from the manufactures. Off-design points are also investigated to estimate the CO2emissions for the whole operating range of the units. The obtained CO2-cost results show a good consistency with the emission coefficients found in the literature for that type of units. Then, those CO2costs are used as input parameters for a unit commitment problem. Mixed-integer linear programming formulation minimizes the global emissions for a set of different units on Jurong Island in Singapore. The grid-emission factor obtained for the simulated network displays values close to the registered field data, which validates the developed model. Finally, a tightened formulation for the power-dispatch problem is introduced. The objective is to reduce the computational time while guaranteeing good performance of the returned solutions.