A demonstration that electroweak theory can violate parity automatically (leptonic case)

13 Apr 2018

We bring to light an electroweak model which has been reappearing in the literature under various guises.[Formula: see text] In this model, weak isospin is shown to act automatically on states of only a single chirality (left). This is achieved by building the model exclusively from the raising and lowering operators of the Clifford algebra [Formula: see text]. That is, states constructed from these ladder operators mimic the behaviour of left- and right-handed electrons and neutrinos under unitary ladder operator symmetry. This ladder operator symmetry is found to be generated uniquely by [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text]. Crucially, the model demonstrates how parity can be maximally violated, without the usual step of introducing extra gauge and extra Higgs bosons, or ad hoc projectors.