A critical analysis of the socio-economic impacts of the N2 bypass development around Knysna

31 Mar 2015

This purpose of this study is to draw on extensive literature on the topic of tourism in the Western Cape and Knysna and the N2 highway bypass development around Knysna. Various literature sources including publications by local tourism authorities are reviewed, focusing on tourism trends and growth levels in the Western Cape and Knysna and a description of the bypass development and its proposed impacts on the environment and the local residents of Knysna. Due to the sensitive environment surrounding Knysna, extensive environmental impact assessments have been necessary, and this, along with various environmental restrictions and regulations, has caused major delays in the development process. Two proposed routes have been put forward for the final bypass development, but a final route has not yet been selected. The development of the bypass around Knysna will have various economic and environmental impacts on the town of Knysna. Surveys were compiled, and distributed to tourism role-players in Knysna, who responded that there is an urgent need for the bypass development in order to reduce traffic volumes, pollution and congestion in the town. Keywords: Knysna, bypass, tourism, traffic volumes, congestion