A collaborative university of technology and further education and training curriculum development project

23 May 2016

This paper describes the context and design of a new Higher Certificate in ICT qualification focussed on IT Services Management to be offered collaboratively by the University of Technology (UoT) and the Further Education and Training (FET) sectors. The project will deliver an increased number of suitably prepared students for enrolment to Diploma in ICT programmes at UoTs which consequently will improve throughput rates and access opportunities, at the UoT, in line with the provisions of the Minister Nzimande?s recent ?Green Paper for Post-School Education and Training?. The success of the project from a FET perspective hinges on the perceived value of post-FET opportunities for its students. FET students who successfully complete the new Higher Certificate in ICT qualification will either be enrolled at the UoT for the new Diploma in ICT qualification or will qualify for placement as interns in the IT Services Management industry. The project was initiated by the Higher Education ICT Association (HEICTA) as part of its strategy to promote access to ICT education and provide increased numbers of suitably qualified ICT practitioners and professionals to the ICT industry. HEICTA mandated CPUT to design and implement a proof-of-concept in collaboration with the College of Cape Town, False Bay College and Northlink College