A Bakhtinian re-reading of the Resurrection of Jesus discourses

08 Sep 2021

The process of reading and meaning-making is complex, ever-evolving and multi-faceted. This dynamism essentially displaces empiricism and its positivistic outlook. The Bakhtinian paradigm adopted in this article underscores the importance of new hermeneutic traditions that embrace the polysemantic nature of resurrection of Jesus narratives. In other words, Bakhtinian perspective problematises the idea of a single reality or monolithic reading, but rather embraces multiperspectivality and diversity in interpretive process. Furthermore, readers are central in reading and meaning interpretation of the resurrection of Jesus discourses pointing out the hermeneutical problem therefore the claim of universalism in meaning production is troubled in Bakhtinian theoretical framework. The reception and comprehension of meaning depend on readers. Most importantly, the claim of stable signification disregards subjectivity and variability that come with diverse readers and different contextual circumstances. Thus, the major thrust of this article is to explore and reflect on different point of views and meanings embedded in the resurrection of Jesus discourses in order to arrive at some understanding of the impossibility of constructing a single truth or reality.