A 4.0D leadership model postulation for the fourth industrial revolution relating to the South African mining industry

22 Apr 2020

The mining industry of the 21st century needs a new kind of leader as certain leadership styles and most leadership models currently employed in the world, and also in South Africa, are not sustainable. This article explores the historical leadership models that are now outdated and proposes a different approach in dealing with future leadership-related challenges. Questions are posed to explore leadership that can balance the leadership styles of the past (business acumen with technical capability on the one hand, and personality on the other hand) with increased intuitive discretion, a ‘feel’ for people and the future, and the ability to deal with complexity and to make timeous decisions to build organizational and industry resilience through the leadership characteristics identified. The question therefore arises: How are we going to manage and lead operations sustainably under these circumstances in future so as to deal with the challenges facing us in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? A new 4.0D Leadership model is proposed so as to increase appropriate leadership qualities (and therefore, industry effectiveness) in dealing with the challenges facing us in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.